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Yoga in Surrey – Yoga in Cobham, Surrey, UK.

luma-home-pageLuma Zaki

I am a Power Yoga, Ashtanga and Yoga for athletes Instructor. I have developed a mixture of the ancient yoga practice from the East with a modern twist from the West.

The aim of my classes is to invoke your inner abundance and beauty with Yoga. I also incorporate Facial Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda health and food tips in my classes as all my Yoga Classes are designed for cleansing, toning and detoxing. Making you SHINE!


New Team Building Yoga


If you would like to have group session Team Building Yoga with me at the comfort of your own pace , tailored to you then please contact me to make an appointment




through practicing Yoga I feel GREAT and EMPOWERED.

I want to share with YOU this “Wow” effect that yoga has on your body, mind and whole being.

I have also done Training with Baron Baptiste and workshops since 2009 with Baron in America and Mexico and now I have reached to BAPTISTE LEVEL 3.  and I have done Baptiste Art of assisting Course.

Yoga does not stop when you roll up your mat and step off it. Yoga is a lovely lifestyle based on respect for yourself and for others, love for life, people, nature. I have teamed up with Jo Dunbar from www.botanicamedica.co.uk herbal remedies. I love holistic wellbeing and sharing it with our community.

Currently I live with my two daughters in Surrey, UK where I teach Hot Power Yoga,  Holistic yoga .

I bow to you and hope to see you at one of my classes!

Om Shanti  




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